Ordering And Pricing

$10 for 5 minutes or less.
Same for each additional
5 minutes of time.
U.S. Dollars

For Audio Only Files:

You have the option of ordering a watermarked* file of your processed audio for evaluation, or useable file. The watermarked file will cost $1.50 per each 5-minutes. If you like the results, order the useable option at $10 per each 5-minutes. I will then e-mail the treated audio without the watermark*. OR if you trust my work and want to skip the extra step, you may order only the useable audio. There is no refund for either option.  Ready to send file? Here's what to do (for video sending and delivery, use instructions at left):
Send mp3 files at between 128 kbps to 256 kbps or high-quality wav files. It is best if the sample rate is at least 44,100 Hz. Processed file will be returned to you as same. Allow up to 3 days to receive processed audio, although it will typically be e-mailed to you on the same day.
Send audio files to this e-mail address. In the subject line, type "PROCESS MY AUDIO". Include the name you will be using on PayPal in the body as well as the name(s) of the file(s) you are sending. The banner is not a link. Type it into your "send to" field.
*The watermarked sound file is your evaluation option. The watermark will allow you to examine the results, yet it will be unfit for actual use. This option is in place to provide you with low-cost evaluation and to protect me from work not paid for.

Watermarked Or Useable
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Nothing Complicated

The preferred, easy method of video submission:
If the delivery methods I describe here will not work for you, e-mail me and we can discuss other methods. If you have a question that needs answering, e-mail at the address posted on this page. We can also schedule a phone conversation. In the rare occurrence my copy obtained from YouTube does not render the expected video quality, we may use a file exchange service for me to receive it directly.
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