To use my service you must agree to the following:
By using my service, you are stating that you own the material you are sending me or you are authorized by owner to outsource the material for processing. You are responsible for determining copyright ownership of what you submit and any repercussions resulting from your misuse or illegal use of the material you send me. I will not use the audio material you submit for any reason, without your permission, except process and return to you.

I am not responsible for any damages, real or perceived of using my processed material. Any FCC violations or other governing rules of broadcast or reproduction will be determined by you and your broadcaster. I add value to the sound, you determine if it is useable.

I may occasionally make changes in the order process in an effort to both, better serve the customer and also optimize my time to keep it worth my while. I may modify these terms from time to time.

In the unlikely event some unforeseen disruption occurs that disables me from completing the process, your only action against me will be requesting any unfulfilled funds from PayPal. If this happens, I will make every attempt to contact you and restore whatever failures took place. This may include, but is not limited to; weather, natural disaster, equipment failure, illness or unanticipated unavailability.

Anyone who makes a number of submissions for examination without purchasing work, may be ignored for future submissions.
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