If it's only an audio file, you e-mail it to me as a high quality mp3 or wav file. If it's a video file, upload to YouTube as an unlisted video and send me the link. I will download the video and process the audio track. I will return the video with the processed audio as an mov file. I will deliver it to you from Google drive or upload to YouTube as an unlisted video where you can download it if you are so equipped. Other methods of delivery may be arranged if needed. See order information page for more details.

In order to protect me from unpaid work and protect you from being stuck with something you don't like, I have a proofing system. On the order page, I have two prices. One small amount for returning you a "watermarked" copy of my finished work for your inspection. The watermarked copy will contain a series of beeps that will allow you to hear the finished work but not to use it. If you like the result, you may purchase the copy without the watermark. If you trust and are accustomed to the results of my work, you may want to bypass the watermark stage to save time and hassle.

The better your audio, the better it will sound. Do understand that I do not fix broken audio (remove noise, distortion, edit, etc.). I take good audio and make it stand out. If your audio is not so good, it can still benefit from this processing in most cases. If it is too poor to benefit from this treatment, I will contact you before I work on it.
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