When an audio file/track is given this treatment, the sound seems to "pop out of itself". Some have said that it "lifts the vail off of speakers". It even makes those little tablet and laptop speakers sound a little bolder. Headphone results are extremely rich and succulent. I need to emphasize that. It also blots out most of the harshness that you didn't even realize was in the original audio. Music livens up, sound effects really sparkle within the scene. Over-all sound-design gets a special warmth and sizzle. You will notice in most all cases, there will be an improvement in speech clarity and voices sound smarter and have more command. Also, those funny little nasal sounds will fade. Remember the first time you heard your recorded voice played back? Didn't like the result? You will probably like the result here. There is no real way to describe this audio polishing. You just have to experience it. It's like embossing the waveforms.

The audible effects of this processing treatment can be detected quickly by audio professionals and enthusiasts, whether or not they understand how it is produced. Anyone else can detect the difference by an A-B comparison. Everyone is subconsciously influenced and drawn in by this audio treatment. This processing releases most of its power covertly.
The listener does not necessarily notice the effect until it is "switched off", then the listener wants it switched back on.

This audio "polish" is the result of the careful application of several actions toward waveforms. The actions are produced by four different processes not commonly used in ordinary sound process chains. I only know of one audio company in the U.S. that skillfully applies similar process combinations with similar results. They do work on television advertising audio for major brand names and other video productions.
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