As an audio enthusiast, electronic experimenter and music lover from an early age, I have always absorbed every thing I could learn about sound, whether carried by air-waves or electrons. I never made audio my first career but managed to stay connected with the science of acoustics and the art of audio crafting by operating sound on a regular basis.

For decades, I have run house sound for large events requiring many microphones for vocals and instruments, in tight ensemble and adding cued, supplemental pre-recorded sound. This also involved operating permanent house-systems and "roadie" work setting up complete sound for remote locations. I have operated sound for broadcast mixing, live and recorded. I created and applied sound-design to skits and plays as well as individual recorded projects. Maintenance, repairs and modification of systems was a frequent part of my involvement.

I also had the opportunity to gain some knowledge of digital cinema video and audio in a classroom and lab setting, studying editorial department work (assistant film editing) which included hands-on work to an award-winning feature film.

The creation of this sound "polish" I use here was not driven by the availability of tools to accomplish it with. Instead, I trained my ears to follow and identify an elusive and delectable sound flavor. My natural curiosity positioned me to search for, evaluate, modify and optimize the behavior of the audio tools to apply this sonic magic.