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Here is your opportunity to purchase The Spee-Lunker Cave Ride-Through audio experience.  This is a clean (non-narrated) copy of the 2014 replica of the sixties version of The Cave.  This is a complete overhaul and major redo of the 2002 replica and its revisions.  This new version has finally reached completeness.  It is the "locked cut".  I will no longer work on revisions.  Since there are NO audio recordings of the 1960's version of this ride, I had to locate the exact sounds and music or create them myself, tune the relative pitch for each to give it that eerie mysterious sound us fans were so captivated by, alter tempo, sequence, mix, add some animation mechanism sounds and put polishing touches.

To order, click on the Buy Now link and follow instructions.  I will deliver the soundtrack as a high-quality mp3 file (3.4 MB size, time 3 min. 42 sec.) to the e-mail address of your PayPal account.  The price of this copy is $5.50 US Dollars.  It will be sent manually, not automatic, so allow some time within a day or so to receive the file in your e-mail box.  If I am away from my post for an extended time, I will make every effort to alert you on this page, of any delay.

Audio Track © 2002-2018 Barry Green - All Rights Reserved
Hear the only existing sound track of riding through this ground-breaking dark-ride. If you've never experienced The Cave ride, this soundtrack will pull you into its "spell" that mesmerized guests to never forget its entrancing effect that lingers decades later.
"You have done a truly outstanding job on this audio.  I could actually see everything in my mind's eye as I was listening to it.  I had heard a previous version you worked on several years ago and liked it then.  Thank you for your labor of love on preserving the sounds of this beloved ride."

"That's brilliant, Barry. I've been following your work on this for years. It's so greatly appreciated!"

"Thank you. I still remember way back in 2004 hearing your recording. I still have it with the 'very freaky' watermark."

"Fantastic job!  I worked at Six Flags Over Texas for seven summers, and two of them were at the Cave ride.  I once had to go through the water trough feeling for a customer's lost wallet while the ride was still running!  That was a memorable day!  Thanks for your amazing work on this!"

"Well done! Such a cool looking Dark Ride from Six Flags. I'm a sucker for that genre of rides."

"Thanks, I remember this ride well and can't believe you recreated the sound for it!"
No More Revisions Will Be Made
A description of what The Cave was.
Details of making this final version of the soundtrack.
Details of music and sounds.
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Spice Up Your Sound
I am putting a moratorium on the sale of this soundtrack for the time being. I am anticipating future developments that will serve you even better in restoring memories of the powerfully captivating sixties version of this dark ride. What will happen will be at least one of two efforts to prolong and enjoy the memories. Many thanks for your interest and friendly communication. Check back for any news.