Final mix was 11 stereo tracks. The first section (before the lift) and the second section (after the lift) were initially two separate multi-track projects. The first section mix had 9 stereo tracks. The second section mix had 7 stereo tracks. Before the mixing time-lines were started, each pre-auditioned clip was cleaned and "tuned" in comparison to each other to get that mysterious sound. These clips were individually crafted from other multi-track project over the years. Loop breaks were selected, looping repeats were done, editing for sequence took place then mixing.

Signal processing was carefully applied to somewhat give the sensation of moving through scenes. Then the "unintentional" sounds were added. The pneumatic loading dock stop and release sound along with gentle tub bumping a water. I also added some air-piston sounds for the animations! This required at least 35 initial tracks in seven separate project files. I had to craft the animation sounds from scratch or modify other mechanical sounds (modification was used constantly through the whole project). The final animation mechanism sound (for creaking timbers) alone took 10 tracks, precision edits and processing and several hours to complete. Each piece of music and "intentional" sound effects were actually auditioned, edited or crafted over the years. I crafted most of the sound effects and one of the music clips from scratch. The others were edited in addition to altering pitch and tempo, some drastically. Although listening to this finished track sounds smooth as floating in water, each section had lots of bumps and gum-ups before they were ready to go in the next mix.

Since I started this madness in 2002, I have updated and revised the track many times. Each music and sound effect clip was a separate multi-track project. Much of this new version draws from some previous work. I lost count how many time-line tracks were used over the years for the complete work on this project but it is into the hundreds. I don't know which is harder; to create something or accurately replicate something. In this obsession, I have created a replica.